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Things App:
Things App is one of the most popular apps among the iPhone users and it is included in the main apps on iPhone software. This is one of the spontaneous applications as the app is fully fair duty executive for the iDevices.

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Features of Things App:
This is app is able to sync with a personal PC description of this app for Mac OSX, operating system and for Mac OS X iCal. All the users of this application can link call along with Google Calendar, the task list will be shown in this app. If you are looking for some famous iPhone application you can visit cafeios website for this purpose. 

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Once you install this app you will be able to work with fast data transfer with your iPhone or iPad, the users of Apple device will be able to make project under the control of the problem and the search by task and tags will be provided in this app. The businessmen will be able to make quickly add notes and if they want to import their important mails from e-mail account as the better mail support services of this application. 

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The application is able to work in two languages one is English and the other one is Russian language so, the people of Russia will be able to make something new with this app as the use of this app will be easy for them. 

If you are going to install this app you should have iOS 5.0 or above in your iPhone or iPad device, the size of the app is 13 MB.

Clear App:
This app is a groundbreaking managed app for iPhone, which is easy to use for the Apple’s device users and the people who want to make clear their idevices they will find it better as compare to other devices.

Features of Clear App:
This is an easy to use iPhone application. If you are going to create a new thread can be dragged down and the peak of the monitor will be an innovative tinted in a narrow piece. The list of outlook films or studied books will be able to make this application. The list of goals or objectives and your daily tasks can be managed in this application. There many other features are the part of this device that can be used. There are many iPhone software are available on www.cafeios.net/  you can go here to find out software for you iDevice.

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